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med360 is the only source you need to keep up with the latest publications in your field.

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In med360 you can directly share the publications with your colleagues via different social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook and recommend papers via email.

  • Direct export in different citation styles and copy of DOI links for further use

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MEI Conference: Digital assistants help physicians with their research

September 27, 2018

For staying up-to-date, physicians have to go through diverse professional publications. At the MEI conference in Leeds, people discuss how to facilitate digital research. The Know-Center experts Melanie Mayr and Sebastian Dennerlein are there to share their insights. The possibilities of modern medicine are tremendous and they keep on increasing every day. Diseases like Hepatitis […]

med360 @DocDays 2018

May 17, 2018

As med360 keeps growing, we took part in the DocDays 2018. The primarily chemical event was hosted by the University of Graz and Students, professors and many other invited persons joined the event. Although med360 is mainly for physicians, participants of the DocDays were eager to get to know med360 and the features it provides. […]

Doctorial Day 2017

December 17, 2017

med360 is a platform for researchers in the field of medicine. Therefore it is no surprise that med360 took part in the Doctorial Day 2017, an annual event of the Medical University of Graz, where doctoral candidates are able to present their research results. The participants of the event were very interested in the med360 […]

med360 – available for everyone

October 11, 2017

After several months of development, med360 is finally going to be available in the shop at: There will be different possibilities to use the service of med360 and there surely will be a product which fits your needs as well. So come to and enjoy the publications service of med360 – Never miss […]

New version of med360 now live

June 28, 2017

The new version of med360 (Koch) is now live. The development during the last weeks was incredible and the outcome is an even better service for the users. The highlights of the new features are: Two profiles (containing you field of interest) per account: so you don’t have to change your fields of interest for […]

your personalized collection of medical knowledge

med360 is a great online tool for all researchers in the medical and life sciences who want to stay up to date with current publications in their field.

Caroline Schober
Vice-Rector Research and International Affairs, Medical University of Graz

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