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med360 is the only source you need to keep up with the latest publications in your field.

  • Publications from 1000 of journals
  • Easy to use style, similar to your email program

experience the possibilities of med360

  • Receive only publications that fit your interests
  • Find all incoming publications easily by marking them
  • Filter your publications by impact factor, sort them by author or journal, or search the abstracts
  • Collect discarded papers in a separate folder, so you never lose any information

share with your peers

In med360 you can directly share the publications with your colleagues via different social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook and recommend papers via email.

  • Direct export in different citation styles and copy of DOI links for further use

360+5 days a year – never miss a beat

You have no time to regularly check your med360 application?

  • The med360 personalized newsletter ensures that you will never miss any news in your specified fields of interest.

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