New version of med360 now live

June 28, 2017

The new version of med360 (Koch) is now live. The development during the last weeks was incredible and the outcome is an even better service for the users. The highlights of the new features are:

  • Two profiles (containing you field of interest) per account: so you don’t have to change your fields of interest for new searches
    • There are new markers next to the title of the paper so you can see to which profile the respective paper belongs
    • You are also able to view one or both profiles at the same time in the different folders
  • Better recommendation system: share your favorite papers via Facebook or Twitter
  • Directly copy the link of the respective paper with the new “Copy” button in the content window
  • Mark papers as unread again directly in the main window via the new “Eye” icon next to the “Favorite” symbol at the right side of each paper
  • Better performance concerning loading time and updating the folders

But there is much more to discover in the newest version of med360. Join med360 ( and request a test-key to enjoy the new way to receive the information you need for your field(s) of interest.
med360 – Never miss a beat

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