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Dear user,
Thank you for using the publication service med360. This service will provide every tool you need to keep up with the publications in your field(s) of interest, from providing the newest publications and arranging them in the proper way, right up to searching through all collected papers this way and find the one that perfectly fits your needs. This beginner’s guide will help you with the first steps in the system. It describes the main features, tools, the user interface and how to use the service as a whole.
If you have any remarks or questions regarding the use of med360 or this guide, please don’t hesitate to send us an email ( We are glad about every feedback from your side regarding your work with med360. You will also be able to directly send feedback with the help of the system, which is also described in this guide.
Enjoy your experiences with med360. Never miss a beat.
Your med360 Team
User Guide (pdf)

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